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WoW API < GetFrameCPUUsage

Returns the total time used by and number of calls of a frame's event handlers.

time, count = GetFrameCPUUsage(frame[, includeChildren])


(frame[, includeChildren])
Frame - Specifies the frame.
Boolean - If false, only event handlers of the specified frame are considered. If true or ommitted, the values returned will include the handlers for all of the frame's children as well.


time, count

Number - The total time used by the specified event handlers, in milliseconds.
Number - The total number of times the event handlers were called.


The values returned are just the sum of the values returned by GetFunctionCPUUsage(handler) for all current handlers. Which means that it's not per-frame values, but per-function values. The difference is that if for example an OnUpdate handler is used by two frames A and B, and, say, B:OnUpdate() is called, both A and B get blamed for it.
It also means that if a frame's handlers change, the CPU used by the previous handlers is ignored, because only the current handlers are considered.
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