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WoW API < GetLootMethod

Retrieves the Loot Method and (if applicable) Master Looter idenity.

lootmethod, masterlooterPartyID, masterlooterRaidID = GetLootMethod()

Returns Edit

String (LootMethod) - One of 'freeforall', 'roundrobin', 'master', 'group', 'needbeforegreed'. Appears to be 'freeforall' if you are not grouped.
Number - Returns 0 if player is the mater looter, 1-4 if party member is master looter (corresponding to party1-4) and nil if the master looter isn't in the player's party or master looting is not used.
Number - Returns index of the master looter in the raid (corresponding to a raidX unit), or nil if the player is not in a raid or master looting is not used.

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