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WoW API < SetLootMethod
SetLootMethod("method"{,"masterPlayer" or ,threshold}) 


"method" may be any one of the following self-explanatory and case insensitive arguments: "group", "freeforall", "master", "needbeforegreed", "roundrobin".

Additionally, if method is "master", the second argument must be a player name, followed by the optional third argument. The third argument is set to 1 if you're promoting a new master looter, as in the case where you right click on a raid member and select "Promote to Master Looter".

To change the loot threshold, use SetLootThreshold


/script SetLootMethod("master", "name");


If you are the party or raid leader, the script will set the loot method to Master Looter, promote the named char to loot master and report its new status.

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