A Mask for All Occasions

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A Mask for All Occasions is related to the seasonal world event Hallow's End. It was previously part of the criteria of Achievement halloween witch 01 [Hallowed Be Thy Name], but was removed in Patch 3.0.3. If you destroy masks you have received, the criteria stay completed. Note that masks are BoP and cannot be traded.


Flimsy Masks can be found within Inv misc bag 11 [Treat Bags] from Gossipgossipicon Trick or Treating with innkeepers during Hallow's End. You have about a 30% chance to get a Treat versus a Trick (typically a costume), and a 25% chance that your [Treat Bag] will contain some mask. This equates to less than 1% chance per Trick or Treat to get each mask. You can Trick or Treat once per hour.

Flimsy Masks can also be found within Inv misc gift 05 [Crudely Wrapped Gifts] reward from Smash the Pumpkin (Alliance daily) and Smash the Pumpkin (Horde daily). The chance for a mask is lower, and you can only do these once a day.

Even though the Hallow's End event lasts for 2 weeks, it is very difficult to complete this achievement in a single year.

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