Amani Catacombs

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Amani Catacombs

Amani Catacombs

The Amani Catacombs are a series of mummy-infested forest troll crypts in the Ghostlands, located northeast of Tranquillien Village in the mountains. To get there, you should first obtain the quests Official horde mini-icon [17] Investigate the Amani Catacombsω τ ϖ and Official horde mini-icon [17] Troll Jujuω τ ϖ. Then, head out of Tranquillien and take the first fork right in the road. If you look on your map, there should be a light blue area in the mountains close to your current location. Head up this path, through some Shadowpine Oracles and into the crypt. You should at least be level 16 - 18 when entering this area, as there are several mobs roaming inside the catacombs of this level.

The Amani Catacombs are also home to many rogue quests, including Official horde mini-icon [16] Greed. These quests introduce new rogues to the lock-picking skill, requiring the rogue to pick locks on the scattered beginner difficulty chests in the area.

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