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This ancient turns its hawk-like head with surprising quickness.APG 198

Ancients of the wind are able to tap into the more feral side of nature. The ancient of the wind allows contact with the stoic druids of the talon. This site also provides a location for the taming of the mighty hippogryphs.W3Man 124

Ancients of wind guard the nesting grounds for the mighty hippogryphs.MoM 14

Ancients of wind assist ancients of lore in the training of night elf druids. They excel especially at teaching night elves to train and ride hippogryphs, and the Druids of the Talon revere them as their key mentors. Ancients of wind avoid combat; but like other ancients, when enemies threaten nature, they battle with their allies. They use spells to confound their enemies; as their name implies, they favor wind-based spells like cyclone.APG 198

Hawk-faced Ancient valued as teachers by the Druids of the Talon. The Druids of the Talon look to the Ancient of Wind as the keeper of their lore and the teachers of their Craft. These ancients are also valued by the Sentinels because they are capable of training hippogryphs and teaching Archers how to tame them.

There are none in World of Warcraft.

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