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Developer(s)Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher(s)Blizzard Entertainment
Release date(s)Beta - 16 Sep 2013[1]
Version1.0.3.3688 (Open Beta)
PlatformsMS Windows, Mac OS

In mid-June 2013, Blizzard announced testing of the desktop app and it was released as a Beta in mid-August 2013.[2] It appears to be a unified version of Blizzard Launcher for all of their games. It has a UI that resembles the more minimalist design of the web site as compared with the more textured UI of the game-specific launcher. This replaces the launcher for all Blizzard games, and works similar to the current launchers, with background updates, repair tool, and more.

The EULA (End-User License Agreement) was updated around August 1, 2013 to go with this new app.


  • Unified login
  • Cross-game friends list (not in Beta as of 14-Aug-2013)
    • A list of your BattleTag and RealID friends is now shown in a small window in the client.
  • Online/offline modes
  • Chat (not in Beta as of 14-Aug-2013)
    • Chat is disabled for first phase of testing, but you will be able to chat with your BattleTag and RealID friends in the future.
  • News (and info)
    • Tabs to view information on all Blizzard games, patch notes, and promotions, as well as news and blogs written by Blizzard CMs.
  • Store (NYI) - ?
  • Forums (NYI) - ?
  • Profiles (NYI) - ?
  • Settings
    • Many options for all games, including game installation, security options, game updates, desktop app specifics, and network details.
  • Installing one of the three games when they are not installed yet. The installation can be queued, meaning that if you press the INSTALL button of two games after eachother, the games will be installed in that order
  • The app is not dismissed when launching a game. It will continue running;
  • It can be minimized to Windows' System tray. It can be resized and maximized.

Version 1.0.3 known issues

From "Known Issues 1.0.3 [Updated 09/16/13]" blue post:[1]

  • Some users may be met with an error attempting to update when multiple instances of the client are running in different regions.
  • When canceling an install in progress may display an incorrect error message about failing to download a required file.
  • Hearthstone update files may not be removed when the game is patched to a new version.
  • The Blizzard Uninstaller may take an unusual amount of time to uninstall games.
  • The "Insufficient disk space" message may not go away after creating sufficient space.
  • Running the Launcher with no executable file or version folders present may cause to hang indefinitely.
  • If an update to fails to apply users may receive an Agent error 2600.
  • Users who log into a new region with an available patch for the first time may not detect the patch until the next time is ran in that region.
  • Some users may see an incorrect amount of game time left for their game accounts.
  • Attempting to relauch with a stuck Agent process may result in an unexpected error.
  • Users on an intermittent internet connection may, in extremely rare cases, find unresponsive and/or games unplayable.
  • Older game icons pinned to the taskbar may become stuck in place and unresponsive to user interaction.
  • Users who have an ongoing install whom then start an older game launcher may see an error about Two Conflicting Actions occurring.
Mac Specific Issues
  • Attempting to launch from the folder on the Dock may instead open the contents of the App folder instead of launching the Client.
  • When installing and the user selects the main OS drive the install directory may display as blank.


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  • ...


  • - 16-Sep-2013 update.
  • - 3-Sep-2013? update.
  • - 29-Aug-2013 update.
  • - 14-Aug-2013 first open Beta.



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