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Horde 32 Bladespire Citadel
FrostFire Ridge Frostfire Frostfire AD 14
Bladespire Citadel
Races IconSmall Mag'har Male IconSmall Mag'har Female  Orc
IconSmall Worg Worg
IconSmall Orc Male IconSmall Orc Female  Orc(Present)
GovernmentTribal Cheifdom
Ruler IconSmall Mag'har Male Durotan
IconSmall Thrall Elder Shaman Thrall
LocationFrostfire Ridge

Bladefire Citadel (sometimes referred to as Bladespire Fortress), introduced with Warlords-Logo-Small Warlords of Draenor, will not be the new capital city for the Official horde mini-icon Horde in Frostfire Ridge. Horde players arriving will help the Frostwolf Clan repel ogre attackers.

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