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Fishing from a [[Borean Man O' War School]] is a criterium to complete {{achievement|Northrend Angler}}.
Fishing from a [[Borean Man O' War School]] is a criterion to complete {{achievement|Northrend Angler}}.
== Patch changes ==
== Patch changes ==

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Inv misc fish 49 2020
  • Borean Man O' War
  • Item Level 70Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Sell Price: 8 Copper

Borean Man O' War is a jellyfish that can be fished from schools or open water. It can primarily be found in Borean Tundra, but may also be found in Dragonblight, Howling Fjord, and rarely in Grizzly Hills.

As an ingredient Edit

This item can be used by a cook to make Inv misc slime 02  [Black Jelly]:

Materials required:
3x [Borean Man O' War]


Fishing from a Borean Man O' War School is a criterion to complete Money achievement  Northrend Angler.

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