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Bronze whelps are the small, intelligent children of the bronze dragonflight. Just a shade smaller than the children of the other flights, they learn to compensate with extreme speed — but this fact isn’t immediately apparent from looking at them. Bronze whelps are among the most patient of all living creatures, and on an initial encounter, they aren’t likely to move for several minutes unless threatened. At first, the dragon seems almost like a statue; its metallic scales gleam in the sunlight as if freshly polished. However, the strange, statuesque creature clearly watches, almost perfectly still except for its faintly glowing eyes. They are highly curious, observing anything they find interesting from a distance at first, and then from closer if necessary. They are friendly to humanoid races, but they may seem a bit distant or egotistical.

A bronze whelp attempts to maneuver around its opponent to use its breath, staying as far away as possible. If seriously threatened, it uses defensive magic and retreats.

Bronze whelps speak Common and Draconic.[1]


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