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CombatMobElite 32Cathela the Seeker
Cathela the Seeker
Title <Order of the Silver Hand>
Gender Female
Race Ghost (Undead)
Level 60 Elite
Reaction Horde
Location Stratholme
Status Killable

Cathela the Seeker is one of five ghostly paladins that spawn outside the Alonsus Chapel in Stratholme during the final part of True Masters of the Light, the charger quest for blood elf paladins. She - along with her four compatriots, as well as Aurius, the Chapel's "keeper" - must be defeated to complete the quest.

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Facts about Cathela the SeekerRDF feed
GenderFemale +
NPC factionCombat +
NPC level60 +
RaceGhost +
TitleOrder of the Silver Hand +

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