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Horde 32 Conquest Hold
Conquest Hold
Conqueror Krenna (former)
Race(s) IconSmall Orc Male IconSmall Orc Female  Orc
IconSmall Troll Male IconSmall Troll Female  Troll
IconSmall Tauren Male IconSmall Tauren Female  Tauren
AffiliationWarsong Offensive
LocationWestern Grizzly Hills
Facilities Done Inn           Done Mailbox

Done Stables    Done Anvil & Forge

Undone Bank        Undone Auction House
Travel Done Flight Master Undone Mass-transit
Grizzly Hills Horde

An early concept for Conquest Hold

Conquest Hold [21, 65] is the main Horde camp in the Grizzly Hills. Conqueror Krenna, known to be aggressive even for an orc, rules over the forces stationed there.


After a certain point, Gorgonna and Krenna get in a fight with the player caught in the middle and in the quest Official horde mini-icon  [75G] The Conquest Pit: Final Showdown Krenna is killed. After her death, Gorgonna becomes the new leader of Conquest Hold (which also enters the player into a new phased state).


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