Darkcloud Pinnacle

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Neutral 32 Darkcloud Pinnacle
Darkcloud Pinnacle
Leader(s)Arnak Grimtotem
Harb Foulmountain
Race(s)IconSmall Tauren MaleIconSmall Tauren Female Grimtotem tauren
AffiliationGrimtotem clan
LocationCentral Thousand Needles
Sources: Lands of Mystery, 60-62

East of the Great Lift, atop three small mesas, is Darkcloud Pinnacle, a village that the Grimtotem tauren call home. These mesas are connected by rope bridges and have only two access points: a natural slope up a fourth mesa followed by a trip across a bridge, or another bridge from the Barrens. Both entrances are well guarded.[1]

It is here that a secret correspondence between Grimtotem leaders and an unknown dark power takes place. The leaders of the Grimtotems here are Arnak Grimtotem and Harb Foulmountain. The entry path from the base begins at [31.3, 37].

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