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Death's Rise

Death's Rise is a a neutral quest hub for the Knights of the Ebon Blade. It is a platform carved into the side of the mountain southwest of Jotunheim and east of Onslaught Harbor in Icecrown. [20.3, 47.7] It can only be reached by flying mount.

It appears to be a part of Balargarde Fortress that the Ebon Blade have taken away from the Vrykul at Jotunheim; the corpses of the platform's former occupants still litter the ground. Lord-Commander Arete sends adventurers against the Scarlet Onslaught at Onslaught Harbor. Daily quests that reward Ebon Blade reputation are available from Setaal Darkmender, Uzo Deathcaller, and Aurochs Grimbane. Baron Sliver at the Shadow Vault starts the Death's Rise questline (*Neutral 15 [80] To the Rise with all Due Haste! Quest Avail 16x16) by sending adventurers to talk to Lord-Commander Arete; there seems to be little love lost between the two knights.



[How to] Chain Quest: Death's Rise.
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