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An icy harbinger of doom, channeling runic power and delivering vicious weapon strikes.
- Official description
Stat priority
  • Strength
  • Expertise Rating (until 7.5%)
  • Hit Rating (until 7.5%)
  • Mastery Rating (2H - Haste)
  • Haste Rating (2H - Critical Strike Rating)
  • Critical Strike Rating (2H - Mastery)
  • Hit Rating (past 7.5%, up to 26.5%) (Dual-wield only)

Frost Strike



Icon Ability Min Level
Inv weapon shortblade 79 [Blood of the North] Starts with
Spell deathknight empowerruneblade2 [Frost Strike] Starts with
Spell frost arcticwinds [Howling Blast] Starts with
Spell deathknight icytalons [Icy Talons] Starts with
Spell deathknight classicon [Obliterate] 58
Inv helmet 08 [Unholy Aura] 60
Inv sword 122 [Killing Machine] 63
Icon Ability Min Level
Spell deathknight frostpresence [Improved Frost Presence] 65
Ability deathknight brittlebones [Brittle Bones] 66
Ability deathknight pillaroffrost [Pillar of Frost] 68
Spell frost freezingbreath [Rime] 70
Inv sword 120 [Might of the Frozen Wastes] 74
Ability dualwieldspecialization [Threat of Thassarian] 74
Inv misc gem sapphire 01 [Mastery: Frozen Heart] 80

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