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A master of death and decay, spreading disease and controlling undead minions to do her bidding.
- Official description
Stat priority
  • Strength
  • Hit and Expertise Rating (until 7.5% of each)
  • Haste Rating
  • Critical Strike Rating
  • Mastery Rating
Icon Ability Min Level
Spell shadow animatedead [Master of Ghouls] Starts with
Spell shadow shadetruesight [Reaping] Starts with
Spell shadow unholystrength [Unholy Might] Starts with
Spell deathknight scourgestrike [Scourge Strike] 58
Spell shadow requiem [Shadow Infusion] 60
Inv helmet 08 [Unholy Aura] 60
Inv sword 61 [Festering Strike] 62
Icon Ability Min Level
Spell shadow painspike [Sudden Doom] 64
Spell shadow unholyfrenzy [Unholy Frenzy] 66
Ability creature cursed 03 [Ebon Plaguebringer] 68
Achievement boss festergutrotface [Dark Transformation] 70
Ability deathknight summongargoyle [Summon Gargoyle] 74
Spell deathknight unholypresence [Improved Unholy Presence] 75
Achievement zone westernplaguelands 01 [Mastery: Dreadblade] 80

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