Deathwing Brood Cloak

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Random enchantmentsEdit

Item Suffix Stats Bonus
of the Elder +27 Stamina, +18 Intellect, +7 Mana Per 5 sec.
of the Sorcerer +27 Stamina, +21 Spell Power, +18 Intellect
of the Knight +27 Stamina, +21 Spell Power, +18 Defense Rating
of the Hierophant +27 Stamina, +18 Spirit, +21 Spell Power
of the Invoker +18 Critical Strike Rating, +21 Spell Power, +18 Intellect
of the Champion +27 Stamina, +18 Strength, +18 Defense Rating
of the Prophet +21 Spell Power, +18 Spirit, +18 Intellect
of the Physician +27 Stamina, +18 Intellect, +21 Spell Power
of the Bandit +27 Stamina, +36 Attack Power, +18 Agility
of the Soldier +27 Stamina, +18 Strength, +18 Critical Strike Rating
of the Beast +27 Stamina, +18 Strength, +18 Agility


This item can be acquired by combining the following components. Unfortunately you can not chose which version of the cape you will receive, it is random.

Materials required
1x [Insidion's Ebony Scale] 1x [Onyx Scale of Rivendark]
1x [Jet Scale of Furywing] 1x [Obsidia Scale]

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