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For the artifact, see Demon Soul.
Demon Soul
  • Demon Soul
  • 100 yd  range
  • 2 minutes cooldown
  • 15% of base mana
  • Instant cast
  • You and your summoned demon fuse souls, granting the Warlock a temporary power depending on the demon currently enslaved.

    Imp - Critical Strike damage on cast time Destruction spells increased by 60% for 30 sec. Each spell cast benefitting from this effect reduces the bonus by 20% until the bonus expires after 3 casts.

    Voidwalker - All threat generated by you transferred to your Voidwalker for 15 sec.

    Succubus - Shadow Bolt damage increased by 10% for 20 sec.

    Felhunter - Periodic shadow damage increased by 20% for 20 sec.

    Felguard - Spell haste increased by 15% and fire and shadow damage done increased by 10% for 20 sec.
Usable by
Cooldown2 minutes

Demon Soul is a new warlock ability that comes with Cataclysm, learned at level 85 for 28 Gold 20 Silver . It was first announced in the Cataclysm warlock preview.

Demon Soul fuses the warlock's soul with his or her demon. This provides warlocks with a self-burst cooldown to use. The specific effects granted by Demon Soul depend on the demon chosen. Demon Soul lasts for a certain number of charges or until it expires (around 20 seconds), depending on the demon used. 2-minute cooldown.

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