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Uses heal-over-time Nature spells to keep allies alive.
- Official description
Stat priority
  • Intellect
  • Haste Rating
  • Spirit
  • Mastery Rating
  • Critical Strike Rating
  • Haste Rating

Nature's Focus



Icon Ability Min Level
Inv relics idolofrejuvenation [Swiftmend] 10
Ability hunter onewithnature [Natural Insight] 10
Spell nature healingtouch [Naturalist] 10
Ability druid nourish [Nourish] 12
Spell nature sleep [Meditation] 14
Inv staff 90 [Nature's Focus] 16
Spell nature resistnature [Regrowth] 18
Ability shaman cleansespirit [Nature's Cure] 22
Ability druid giftoftheearthmother [Living Seed] 28
Spell nature ravenform [Nature's Swiftness] 30
Ability druid predatoryinstincts [Killer Instinct] 34
Inv misc herb felblossom [Lifebloom] 36
Icon Ability Min Level
Spell nature crystalball [Omen of Clarity] 38
Ability druid empoweredrejuvination [Swift Rejuvenation] 46
Inv chest cloth 05 [Leather Specialization] 50
Spell druid ironbark [Ironbark] 64
Ability druid flourish [Wild Growth] 76
Spell nature healingway [Mastery: Harmony] 80
Spell shaman giftearthmother [Malfurion's Gift] 82
Achievement worldevent lunar [Wild Mushroom] 84
Druid ability wildmushroom b [Wild Mushroom: Bloom] 84
Spell nature preservation [Genesis] 88

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