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Elekk are a species of large, elephant-like creatures native to Draenor that the draenei commonly employ as mounts. They are found mostly in the northern and eastern parts of Nagrand — where neutral Wild Elekk roam its lush plains (while being preyed upon by poachers for their ivory tusks) — and in the southern region near Oshu'gun — where they congregate into large herds of hostile bull elekk with the giant elekk matriarch Tusker at their head. The Burning Crusade bestiary also reports that "There are accounts of packs of rock flayers taking down even mighty elekk that had wandered into the rock flayers' territory."

Warlords of DraenorEdit

Warlords-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor.

The majestic elekk graze contentedly across the grassy plains of Draenor, relying on their huge size and the support of the herd to keep predators at bay. Draenei explorers have determined that the animals pose no threat, as long as their young aren’t endangered or their water supply jeopardized. With the endurance to cover great distances and the ability to defend themselves by ramming or stomping attackers, these beasts have emerged as the draenei transport of choice. Explorers should take note of persistent draenei rumors that the Thunderlord Clan orcs torment and twist terrified elekk into vicious weapons of war, covering them in armor plating and inciting them to rampage when turned loose on their foes. Beware!

Types Edit

  • Bull Elekk
  • Elekk Demolisher
  • Pink Elekk
  • Wild Elekk
  • Karabor Elekk 
  • Ancient Pearltusk

Named Edit

  • Archimindy
  • Dekorhan
  • Jumbina
  • Jumbo
  • Jumbo Jr.
  • Kuu'rat <The Ivory Death> 
  • Luk'hok
  • Palanaar's Elekk
  • Tusker <Queen of the Elekk>

Elekk as MountsEdit

Main article: Elekk mounts

Normal and epic elekk variations.

Elekk are sold by Torallius the Pack Handler located at the exterior elekk stables north of the entrance to the draenei capital of the Exodar. Irisee the Exodar Quartermaster in Icecrown also sells two unique Elekks.

Mount Name Availability Required riding skill Required Level
Brown Elekk [Brown Elekk] 1Gold Riding (75) 20
Gray Elekk [Gray Elekk] 1Gold Riding (75) 20
Purple Elekk [Purple Elekk] 1Gold Riding (75) 20
Great Blue Elekk [Great Blue Elekk] 10Gold Riding (150) 40
Great Green Elekk [Great Green Elekk] 10Gold Riding (150) 40
Great Purple Elekk [Great Purple Elekk] 10Gold Riding (150) 40
Black War Elekk [Reins of the Black War Elekk] PVP Riding (150) 40
Exodar Elekk [Exodar Elekk] 100 Ability paladin artofwar Riding (150) 40
Great Red Elekk [Great Red Elekk] 5 Ability paladin artofwar 500Gold Riding (150) 40

The Kessel RunEdit

Kessel, the draenei elekk lord in the southern part of Bloodmyst Isle, temporarily allows Alliance players to ride his elekk for 15 minutes in the quest "The Kessel Run". It provides 100% movement speed, which is enough to get to Stillpine Hold, Azure Watch, Odesyus' Landing, and then back. Players can be dismounted either manually (right-clicking the icon), by jumping into water, by entering a building/cave, or by attempting to travel across the bridge to the main part of Bloodmyst Isle. Certain buffs and spells, such as shaman weapon buffs, also dismount the player.


  • From looking at the screenshots of the only known baby elekk in the game, Peanut, it is found that baby elekks have actual ears that seem to become horns upon reaching adulthood. Whether this is a goof-up on Blizzard's part or not remains unknown, but for now the player-base is going with it.


  • The name of the quest is inspired from Star Wars. The Kessel Run is a smuggling route in the Star Wars galaxy.
  • As with the gnomish mechanostrider mounts, no type of elekk mount is currently available to the Horde.
  • Some players call elekk "shoopufs" (a reference to a similar creature in Final Fantasy X), much as hawkstriders are called "chocobos". However, since shoopufs aren't as well-known, it's less widespread than the latter nickname.

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