Emperor's Step

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The Emperor's Step

In the map interface, the Emperor's Step is also named as the lower floor of the Shrine of Seven Stars.

The Emperor's Step[46.7, 45.2] is the main hall within the Alliance-controlled Shrine of Seven Stars[86, 63] in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The lower section contains various vendors, as well as mailbox and access to a guild bank in the corner[58.5, 48.8]. The engineering-only auctioneer can be found here. A split staircase leads to the upper level of the shrine, as well as the eastern and western balconies of the hall.

Inhabitants Edit

NPCs (eastern balcony)

Notes Edit

  • If you cross over the seal on the floor of the hall, you will gain a speed buff.
Spell nature cyclone  [Cyclonic Inspiration]ω ϖ—You've been inspired by Taijing the Cyclone! Movement speed increased.

Patch changes Edit

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