Spell holy greaterheal

Permanently enchant a ring to increase spell power by 12. Only the enchanter's rings can be enchanted and enchanting a ring will cause it to become soulbound. Requires a level 35 or higher item.


Inv enchant shardprismaticlarge
2x [Large Prismatic Shard]
Inv enchant essencearcanelarge
3x [Greater Planar Essence]
Inv enchant dustarcane
5x [Arcane Dust]


Inv rod enchantedadamantite [Runed Adamantite Rod]


Inv misc note 01 [Formula: Enchant Ring - Healing Power] is sold by Neutral 15 Almaador <Sha'tari Quartermaster> in Shattrath City and requires revered with The Sha'tar. Reputation with The Sha'tar can be gained through the Instance Tempest Keep.

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