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Enchanting Bags are a specific type of bag that allows the storage of enchanting supplies for the Enchanting profession, including dusts, shards, essences, rods, and enchanting recipies that you haven't learned yet. As of Patch 2.3, these bags can now carry oil, elemental essences, motes, primals, and other items made through enchanting, including rods. They were introduced into the game in the 1.10 patch, and several more were introduced in the Burning Crusade expansion.

Types of bags and how to get them

[Enchanted Mageweave Pouch] (16 Slot)

  • Pattern sold by enchanting supplies vendors in major cities (unlimited supply).
  • Requires Tailoring skill 225.
4x [Bolt of Mageweave] 4x [Vision Dust]
2x [Heavy Silken Thread]

[Enchanted Runecloth Bag] (20 Slot)

5x [Bolt of Runecloth] 2x [Greater Eternal Essence]
2x [Rune Thread]

[Enchanter's Satchel] (20 Slot)

  • Sold by various merchants in Outland.

[Big Bag of Enchantment] (24 Slot)

6x [Bolt of Runecloth] 4x [Large Brilliant Shard]
4x [Enchanted Leather] 4x [Ironweb Spider Silk]

[Spellfire Bag] (28 Slot)

6x [Spellcloth] 4x [Greater Planar Essence]
4x [Netherweb Spider Silk]

[Mysterious Bag] (32 Slot)

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