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An Epic Beastmaster is an imposing figure, humanoid in shape and animalistic in nature. The only way to become an Epic Beastmaster is through many, many years of isolation from civilized society. During that isolation it must think and become more like the animals it associates with. Some beastmasters attempt to become Epic beastmasters and go their whole lives without achieving such unity with animals of the wild. Some do achieve this unity, however, and return to society. The isolation allows the Beastmaster to reflect and ponder for many years, his animal companions supplying his The only known example of this is Rexxar, Champion of the Horde.


An Epic Beastmaster is capable of great feats. They generally have magical strength and speed drawn from their primal connection to all animals, allowing them physical prowess far beyond their actual size. Their senses are also keen like that of an animals, able to hear and see extremely far and literally feel the vibration of the earth beneath them. After years of isolation their skin would harden and their claws sharpen to a point so fine it could cut chain-mail.

And epic beastmaster is friend to all beasts big or small, and they see him as a wise and imposing Alpha. They follow his commands, and all creatures who hear his respectful whistle come to his aid without question.

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