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The Burning Crusade has greatly increased the amount of high-quality items available to players who don't have a lot of time to spend (sometimes called casuals). This page consists of a overview of methods to obtain them.

World DropsEdit

There are some level 70 epics available as world drops. These are typically considered as rather weak by players; they are often extremely small upgrades or sidegrades over rare quality loot from dungeons.


The Shartuul's Transporter and Terokk chains have a chance to drop epics, but these require a group to initially start with.

Reputation RewardsEdit

Most Burning Crusade factions offer various epic rewards when your reputation reaches exalted. All factions have at least one weapon which are considered very good for the classes they are intended for.

Heroic DungeonsEdit

The final bosses of heroic dungeons will always drop an epic item, as well as a Primal Nether which can be used for crafting. In addition, all heroic bosses will drop a Badge of Justice, lootable by everyone in the group, which can be turned in for additional rewards. Epic gems are also available as random drops from bosses.

Bind-on-Equip CraftablesEdit

Burning Crusade has added a lot of high-quality craftables. Most of these require the crafter to have a Primal Nether, as well as having the recipes themselves (which can be world drops, specific instance drops or in rare cases trainable). Additional higher level recipes dropping from raids requiring the crafter to have Nether Vortex are available as well.


Bind on equip Tailoring craftables


Bind on equip Leatherworking craftables


Bind on equip Blacksmithing craftables - Armor

Bind on equip Blacksmithing craftables - Weapons

Engineering Edit

Bind on equip Engineering craftables

Jewelcrafting Edit

Bind on equip Jewelcrafting craftables

Bind-on-Pickup CraftablesEdit

There are also some Bind on Pickup craftables; these require a high skill in a crafting profession in order to craft and must be crafted by yourself. Most of these are trainable, but additional high level patterns (which are themselves not BoP and can be bought) are available in raid instances. These are typically considered extremely good items, focusing mainly on stats deemed important by players.


Bind on pickup cloth craftables


Windhawk Set - Tribal Leatherworkers - Caster/Healer Leather

Netherscale Set - Dragonscale Leatherworkers - Physical DPS Mail

Netherstrike Set - Dragonscale Leatherworkers - Caster DPS Mail

Primal Intent Set - Elemental Leatherworkers - Melee DPS Leather

Non-set boots



Bind on pickup Engineering craftables - Goggles Edit

Bind on pickup Engineering craftables - Helmets Edit


Making progress in Karazhan does not require a large amount of time; it is very well possible for a casual guild to clear Karazhan. Once mastered, it should not take longer than 5 hours (which can be spread over multiple nights if desired) to clear it.

Player versus PlayerEdit

The S1 Arena sets have recently (as of 12/4/07) become open to anyone willing to spend some time in battlegrounds. The only problem may be the very high honor costs. However, they are comparable to gear in dungeons such as Karazhan, Zul'Aman, Gruul's, etc while also being considerably easier to farm up.

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