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BossMob 32Essence of Anger
Race Unknown (Uncategorized)
Level  ?? Boss
Health 2,124,640
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Reliquary of Souls, Black Temple
See Icon-3D-48x48
For overall tactics against the boss group, see Reliquary of Souls. For the item, see [Essence of Anger].

Abilities Edit

  • Aura of Anger: Deals shadow damage which increases by 100 per 3 second tick (100 after 3sec, 200 after 6 sec then 300 etc..). Also increases damage dealt by players by 5% each tick
  • Seethe: After aggro switch or taunt ability usage, EoA gets a 10 sec buff increasing attack speed by 100% and size by 20%, the raid takes a 10 sec debuff increasing threat gained by 200%
  • Soul Scream: 5 targets in a 10-yard frontal cone take 2625-3375 shadow damage plus 4375-5625 mana/rage burn (0.5 damage for 1 mana, 100 damage for 1 rage), 10 sec cooldown
  • Spite: 3 random targets get a debuff which grants 2 sec immunity, then deals 7444-7556 nature damage followed by another 2 sec immunity

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