Expedition Base Camp

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Expedition Base Camp

Expedition Base Camp

Expedition Base Camp is the first subzone of Ulduar located at the entrance of the instance. It is literally the base camp for an expedition composed of Brann Bronzebeard's Explorers' League and a group sent by the Kirin Tor. Shielded from Yogg-Saron by a reflective magical shield, it contains a group of hired goblins and gnomes working on building siege vehicles from salvaged Titan technology, as well as the commanders of the expedition. A Lore Keeper of Norgannon, similar to the one in Uldaman, is being investigated at the center of the camp, and will activate Ulduar's orbital defenses at the player's discretion.

Available siege vehicles are the Salvaged Choppers, Salvaged Demolishers and Salvaged Siege Engines.

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