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Harbinger harbored at Faldir's Cove.

Faldir's Cove[26, 82] is a small natural harbor on the southern shores of Arathi Highlands near The Drowned Reef.

An expedition of Blackwater Raiders, led by Captain Steelgut, was sent to this land in search of elven treasure. A device made by two gnomish engineers, Doctor Draxlegauge and Professor Phizzlethorpe, detected elven gems calcified within the stones of the reef.

Unfortunately, due to a mysterious tide caused by the nagas guarding the sunken ruins, two of the three ships sank. The third ship, Harbinger, landed safely on the shore; however its crew was trapped in the bay until some adventurers agreed to fight the nagas and retrieve the navigation logs from the sunken ships.


The cove can be reached through a short tunnel[22, 76] south of Stromgarde[21, 75] walls. You can either start at the east end of the Stromgarde walls at about [30, 67], and walk mostly west to the tunnel entrance; or come from the west side of Stromgarde, though that route is substantially more difficult.

If you arrived at Faldir's Cove via some other route, the entrance to the tunnel at [22, 80] returns you to the mainland.


Several quests are available from the NPCs in Faldir's Cove for both factions that give Booty Bay reputation and decrease your reputation with Bloodsail Buccaneers.

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