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=== Vendors ===
=== Vendors ===
* {{RaceIcon|Orc|Male|Small}} [[Martang]]
* {{RaceIcon|Orc|Male|Small}} [[Martang]] - Cloth & Leather Armor Merchant
=== Trainers ===
=== Trainers ===

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Far Watch Post

Far Watch Post

Far Watch Post[62, 20] is a small outpost of the Horde located just west of the bridge between Durotar and The Barrens. It is made up of a watchtower and an orc burrow with its assortment of guards and helpers. A riding wolf pen watched over by a pair of peons is located a bit to the south, but it contains more chickens than wolves. Overall, this is not a very accommodating spot, but necessary for the protection of Durotar from the Alliance as well as the centaur and quilboar threat of the Barrens.

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  • IconSmall Orc Male Martang - Cloth & Leather Armor Merchant

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