Felsteel Boomstick

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With speed and DPS superior to the Adamantite Rifle, this gun is a very good choice for hunters. Crafted with the Engineering skill. This should not be confused with the fairly similar Fel Iron Musket.


This item is created by Engineers with a skill level of 360.

The components (per [Felsteel Boomstick]) are:
1x [Hardened Adamantite Tube] 4x [Felsteel Stabilizer]
4x [Handful of Fel Iron Bolts]

It is taught by [Schematic: Felsteel Boomstick] which drops from a Doomforge Engineer in Blade's Edge Mountains. Note that the schematic is Bind on Pickup and will only be seen by people who have the Engineering skill. You DO NOT need to have the required skill level as well.

Breakdown of raw materials Edit

As Bars:

As Ore:
60x [Adamantite Ore] 32x [Eternium Ore]
56x [Fel Iron Ore]

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