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Fire Ward
Usable by
Cooldown30 sec
Molten Shields, Precision, Frost Warding
Other information
Related buff
  • Magic
  • Fire Ward
  • Absorbs Fire damage.
  • Duration: 30 seconds

Fire Ward is a mage spell that casts a shield on the caster which absorbs fire damage. The shield lasts 30 seconds or until the given amount of damage is absorbed, whichever comes first. Fire Ward is self-cast only.

Rank Absorbs Level Cost
1 165 20 20 Silver
2 290 30 80 Silver
3 470 40 1 Gold 50 Silver
4 675 50 3 Gold 20 Silver
5 875 60 4 Gold 20 Silver
6 1125 69 11 Gold

Talent improvementsEdit

The Molten Shields talent gives Fire Ward a 30% chance at max rank to reflect fire spells back at the caster.

Fire Ward benefits from the mana cost reductions from the talents Pyromaniac and Elemental Precision.


Fire Ward absorbs an additional 10% of the caster's bonus Spell Damage.

Fire Ward can be dispelled as a magic debuff.

Damage reduction due to spell resistances or Dampen Magic-like effects is calculated before damage is absorbed.

Fire Ward is on the same cooldown timer as Frost Ward. Using one ward will trigger the cooldown of the other, meaning only one of the two wards can be active at a time.

Tips and tacticsEdit

Note that the duration is the same as the cooldown. If you absorb the given damage before the spell cools down, you're stuck taking any additional damage until you can cast again. If you know you're about to take a lot of fire damage, wait 10 or 15 seconds after casting before charging into battle.

Since Dampen Magic reduction is calculated before damage is applied, be sure to have it up when you use this spell, it will make your ward last longer.

Make sure you realize that it shares a cooldown timer with Frost Ward. You have to live (or die) with whatever you pick.

If you cast this spell after a caster completes a spell, but before it reaches you (e.g. a Fireball from an enemy mage at long range) the damage will be absorbed. Think fast!

Prior to Patch 2.3.2, Cold Snap would reset the cooldowns of both Fire Ward and Frost Ward. This behavior was removed.

Prior to Patch 2.4, the talent Improved Fire Ward granted a 20% chance to reflect fire spells, that talent has been removed and replaced with Molten Shields.

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