Flu Shot Shortage (25 player)

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Achievement boss festergutrotface Neutral 15 Flu Shot Shortage (25 player) 10 Money achievement
Defeat Festergut while none of the players in your raid group ever had 3 stacks of Inoculated in 25-player mode.


Combat 15 Festergut is an encounter in the Plagueworks wing of Icecrown Citadel.


Gas Spores will appear three times before Pungent Blight is cast. To meet the requirements for the achievment, all raid members must only recieve two stacks of Inoculated, not all three. Pungent Blight is survivable with only two stacks of Inoculated. Bringing back hp without anyone dying will be the hard part, as Gaseous Plague will return doing full damage right after Pungent Blight is cast.


3 stacks Inoculated: 12500 damage from Pungent Blight 2 stacks Inoculated: 25000 damage from Pungent Blight

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