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Warlords-Logo-Small This article concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor.

A Building is an accent structure (with NPCs and objects or fixed devices) exclusive to the Garrison system that is tied to a specific size of plot. There are three plot sizes: small, medium, and large. Garrison buildings allow access to a variety of different functions related to mounts, pet battles, professions, and more. To get the most out of some buildings, you can assign a related follower to work in them. There are Official alliance mini-icon and Official horde mini-icon skins for each building, but they function the same.

All garrisons start with a Ui promotion garrisons Town Hall as a base that improves as the garrison levels.

All buildings are available in three levels, but the Town Hall can only level with the garrison as a whole.

Buildings Edit

Small Buildings Edit

  • Trade alchemy Alchemy Lab - Allows for alchemy related work orders and generates reagents
  • Trade engraving Enchanter's Study - Allows players to disenchant items, convert and generate enchanting reagents
  • Trade engineering Engineering Works - Allows players to create engineering items, generates engineering reagents
  • Trade blacksmithing The Forge - Allows players to create blacksmithing items, generates blacksmithing reagents
  • Inv misc gem 01 Gem Boutique - Allows players to create jewelcrafting items, generates jewelcrafting reagents
  • Garrison building salvageyard Salvage Yard - Unlocks transmog-able items, chance to find special loot in follower missions
  • Inv inscription tradeskill01 Scribe's Quarters - Allows players to create inscription items, generates inscription reagents
  • Achievement guildperk mobilebankingGarrison building storehouse Storehouse - Access to personal, guild banks, transmogrification and void storage vendors
  • Trade tailoring Tailoring Emporium - Allows players to create tailoring items, generates tailoring reagents
  • Inv misc armorkit 17 The Tannery - Allows players to create leatherworking items, generates leatherworking reagents

Medium Buildings Edit

  • Garrison building barn Barn - Grants bonus crafting reagents, a special pet and top-tier food items
  • Garrison building sparringarena Gladiator's Sanctum - Access to PvP gear, toys and titles
  • Inv misc rune 01 Inn - Awards special transmog-able, toy and pet rewards via dungeon quests, gear and apexis crystals
  • Garrison building lumbermill Lumber Mill - Unlocks timber gathering from trees out in the world, turning them into garrison resources, Grants access to a special pet.
  • Garrison building tradingpost Trading Post - Generates profession resources, access to the Sha'tari Defense (Official alliance mini-icon) and Laughing Skull Orcs (Official horde mini-icon) factions

Large Buildings Edit

Special Buildings Edit

The following buildings are located on reserved plots and are available to all players, regardless of their professions or garrison architecture choices.

  • Trade fishing Fishing Hut - Provides fishing dailies, Nat Pagle as a follower and a water strider mount
  • Pet battle green paw 21x21Garrison building menagerie Pet Menagerie - Provides pet battle dailies
  • APB Skill HerbalismInv misc herb sansamroot Herb Garden - Provides herb work orders and Draenor herbs each day, transmogrification farm equipment.
  • Trade mining Mine - Provides ore-related work orders and mineral nodes each day

Patch changes Edit

Warlords-Logo-Small Patch 6.0.2 (14-October-2014): Added.

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