Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt

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{Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt will allow you to absorb up to 500 damage from any source. If it backfires you will be banished for 20 seconds.


Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt can be created by engineers who have specialized in Gnome Engineering and have a minimum skill of 215.

The components are:
1x [Dusky Belt] 4x [Mithril Bar]
2x [Truesilver Bar] 1x [Unstable Trigger]
1x [Aquamarine]

The recipe for this item can be learned from a Gnome Engineering trainer.


Malfunction Effects: Low chance

  • Banishes user for 20 seconds, during which time the user can take no actions, but is immune to all damage and heals. The malfunction can also be beneficial as nearby friends will have 20 seconds in which to attempt a rescue.


The RPG Icon 16x36 This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft RPG, and thus is not necessarily canon.

This thick belt has a heavy iron tube as its core. The user can't simply snap this on; he must step through the hoop and then fasten the device in place with leather straps. The belt contains a variety of reactive chemicals and mechanical devices that detect incoming physical and energy attacks, and instantly respond to shunt them aside.APG 113

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