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Possible goblin script.

Barbershop Poster1

Possible goblin script.

Goblin Calendar

A Goblin calendar.

Goblin is the language used by the goblins. Goblin is generally written with the Common alphabet.[1] However, most goblins have mastered a myriad of other languages including Orcish and Common in order to trade with members of the big factions.[2]

Goblin Primer Edit

Goblin Names Edit

Every goblin has a given name and a family name. The family names portray some ancestor's achievement, though a goblin may take a new family name if he feels he has made an accomplishment that outstrips that of his eponymous forebear.[3]

  • Male Names: Zautso, Beedle, Chizbolt, Nuzak.
  • Female Names: Lystis, Mefeero, Sazai, Klemex, Rossa.
  • Family Names: Steamgear, Boltnose, Manclamp, Leafgrinder.

See also Edit

  • Binary Brew, an alcoholic drink which temporarily gives the consumer the ability to speak in "Goblin Binary" (Horde) or "Gnomish Binary" (Alliance).

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