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Goblin Rocket Launcher is a trinket that provides +45 Stamina and has the ability to damage and stun a target for 3 seconds.

The actual cast looks like a rocket launcher and lasts 3 seconds. The "kickback" effect knocks you down on the ground and stuns you for 2 seconds . Damage doesn´t interrupt casting. Fair warning, however, that it is vulnerable to Spell Reflection and Grounding Totem. The cast time is affected by spell haste, and this can trigger Clearcasting, along with consuming Clearcasting. This is affected by spell hit, and has been used very effectively on 60 twinks. Retribution Specialized Paladins have been known to use the Goblin Rocket Launcher, followed immediately by an Exorcism.


This item is made by Engineers that have specialized in Goblin Engineering, and have a skill level of 350. Taught by Nixx Sprocketspring (Master Engineering Trainer) in Gadgetzan.

The components are:
2x [Hardened Adamantite Tube] 1x [Khorium Power Core]
2x [Felsteel Stabilizer] 6x [Primal Fire]
6x [Primal Earth] 2x [Delicate Arcanite Converter]

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