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Goblin Rocket Launcher is a trinket that provides +45 Stamina and has the ability to damage and stun a target.

The actual cast looks like a rocket launcher and lasts about 3 seconds. The "kickback" effect knocks you over on the spot. Damage doesn´t interrupt casting. Fair warning, however, that it is vulnerable to Spell Reflection.


This item is made by Engineers that have specialized in Goblin Engineering, and have a skill level of 350. Taught by Nixx Sprocketspring (Master Engineering Trainer) in Gadgetzan.

The components are:
2x [Hardened Adamantite Tube] 1x [Khorium Power Core]
2x [Felsteel Stabilizer] 6x [Primal Fire]
6x [Primal Earth] 2x [Delicate Arcanite Converter]

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