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NeutralNPC 32Gold Seller
Gender "Unknown" is not in the list of possible values (Male, Female) for this property.
Race(s) Any playable
Character class Any playable
Affiliation Official alliance mini-icon Alliance or Official horde mini-icon Horde
Position Spammer
Location Stormwind or Orgrimmar mostly
Status Alive and Re-populating
Relative(s) Gold farmer

A gold seller is someone who sells in-game gold for real currency (€, $, etc.). Sometimes extended to cover someone who sells accounts or virtual assets (items). Gold selling and gold sellers are also sometimes known by the acronym RMT for Real Money Trading/traders.

How to kill a gold seller

These tactics assume the gold selling spammer is around level 1 or not much higher.

How to kill a gold seller as a Hunter

Invite the gold seller to your group, this is a must — some will accept the invite thinking that this means you are willing to buy gold, etc. Places in Ironforge and Orgrimmar have neutral Cenarion Circle mobs. Turn on "Able to Attack" toward the Cenarion Circle, misdirect the gold farmer, and shoot the Cenarion druid. Feigning death also helps.

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