Greater Invisibility

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Greater Invisibility
Ability mage greaterinvisibility
  • Greater Invisibility
  • 1.5 min cooldown
  • Instant cast
  • Instantly makes the caster invisible, reducing all threat, and removing two damage over time effects. While invisible, you are untargetable by enemies. Lasts 20 sec. Invisibility is cancelled if you perform any actions.

    Damage taken is reduced by 90% while invisible and for 3 sec after coming out of invisibility.

    Replaces Invisibility.
Usable by
Cooldown1.5 min (GCD 1.5 sec)
Level required60
Related buff
Ability mage greaterinvisibility
  • Greater Invisibility
  • Damage taken is reduced by 90%.

Greater Invisibility is a mage talent available at level 60 that replaces [Invisibility].

Modified by Edit

Inv glyph majormage2020
  • Glyph of Invisibility
  • Item Level 25Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Major Glyph
  • Classes: Mage
  • Requires Level 25
  • Use: Permanently teaches you this glyph.
    Increases your movement speed while Invisible by 40%.
  • Sell Price: 1Silver

Patch changes Edit

  • Mists-Logo-Small Patch 5.2.0 (5-Mar-2013): Greater invisibility now has a 90-second cooldown (was 2.5 minutes).
  • Mists-Logo-Small Patch 5.0.4 (28 August 2012): Added.

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