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Female gnome wearing Green Tinted Goggles

Headwear made and worn by people with the Engineering skill. Goggles improve Stamina and Spirit, and look attractive too!


Green Tinted Goggles are made by Engineers with a skill level of 150.

Materials Required
4x [Medium Leather] 2x [Moss Agate]
1x [Flying Tiger Goggles]

The schematic is learned from the trainer.

Green Tinted Goggles as an Ingredient



150 Engineering skill is required to wear these goggles as well as to craft them. As an Engineer-only item, they are probably not worth trying to sell in the Auction House. [Medium Leather] may be irritating to attain, as the preferred side-along profession is mining. Try the aforementioned Auction House or farm treasure chests.

These are popular among level 19 twinks given the skill cap at that level is 150.

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