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This is a list of the faction rewards from the Guardians of Hyjal faction.

Rewards Edit

Prices shown reflect the cost at the reputation level required to buy the item. (ie. Cloak of the Dryads cost 35 Gold 22 Silver 77 Copper at Honored, but will be less at Exalted).

Reputation Item Cost Type
Friendly [Tabard of the Guardians of Hyjal] 95 Silver Tabard
Honored [Cloak of the Dryads] 35 Gold 22 Silver 77 Copper Caster Back
[Galrond's Band] 21 Gold 37 Silver 37 Copper Melee DPS Finger
[Mountain's Mouth] 21 Gold 37 Silver 37 Copper Tank Neck
[Sly Fox Jerkin] 58 Gold 5 Silver 42 Copper Leather DPS Chest
Revered [Arcanum of Hyjal] 150 Gold Caster Head Enchant
[Acorn of the Daughter Tree] 21 Gold 37 Silver 37 Copper DPS Neck
[Aessina-Blessed Gloves] 31 Gold 74 Silver 41 Copper Leather Caster Hands
[Waywatcher's Boots] 66 Gold 77 Silver 67 Copper Plate DPS Feet
[Wilderness Legguards] 75 Gold 91 Silver Mail Caster Legs
Exalted [Belt of the Ferocious Wolf] 62 Gold 42 Silver 60 Copper Plate DPS Waist
[Cord of Raven Queen] 36 Gold 72 Silver 35 Copper Cloth Waist
[Treads of Malorne] 80 Gold 44 Silver 79 Copper Mail Physical DPS Feet
[Wrap of the Great Turtle] 53 Gold 1 Silver 34 Copper Tank Back

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