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All crafted socketable gems are named in a particular two-part pattern:

<Stat_prefix> <Gem_name>


a name that defines what stats the gem have. All gems with that name share those attributes, though the values will vary.
<Gem Name>
the base material used to make the (socketable) gem. The better the base material, the greater the resulting attributes.


While there may be some overlap between Epic BC cuts and Uncommon Wrath cuts, generally the Wrath cuts are still marginally stronger (and easier to acquire).

To find the gem you want, you can search for the <Stat_prefix> part of the name, depending on what socket and stats you are looking for, then use the quality selector on the Auction House UI to specify what amount of the desired stats you want (and how much gold you are willing to spend). Alternately, you can choose in the subset of gem the color you want and specify the quality, then it will produce a longer list of gems you can choose from.

Red Gems

Name Stat
Bold Strength
Brilliant Intellect
Delicate Agility
Bright Attack Power
Precise Expertise Rating
Flashing Parry Rating
Runed Spell Damage (SP)
Subtle Dodge Rating
Teardrop Healing (SP)

Blue Gems

Name Stat
Rigid Hit Rating
Lustrous Mana per 5 second
Solid Stamina
Sparkling Spirit
Stormy Spell Penetration

Yellow Gems

Name Stat
Gleaming Spell Critical Rating
Great Spell Hit Rating
Subtle Dodge Rating
Fractured Mastery Rating
Mystic Resilience
Kharmaa's Grace Resilience
Smooth Critical Strike Rating
Thick Defence Rating
Quick Haste Rating

Purple Gems

(Fit Red and Blue Sockets)

Stamina Hit Rating Spirit Spell Penetration
Strength Sovereign Etched
Agility Shifting Glinting
Attack power Balanced
Intellect Timeless Veiled Purified Infused
Spell power Glowing Mysterious
Dodge Rating Regal
Armor Penetration Rating Puissant
Expertise Rating Guardian's Accurate
Parry Rating Defender's Retaliating

Green Gems

(Fit Yellow and Blue Sockets)

Stamina Spirit Mana Per 5 Spell Penetration
Critical Strike Rating Jagged Misty Sundered Radiant
Haste Rating Forceful Energized Intricate Shattered
Hit Rating Vivid Shining Lambent Tense
Intellect Timeless Seer's Dazzling
Resiliance Rating Steady Turbid Opaque
Defence Rating Enduring

Orange Gems

(Fit Yellow and Red Sockets)

Strength Agility Spell Power Attack Power Expertise rating Parry rating Dodge rating
Critical Strike Rating Inscribed Deadly Potent Wicked
Haste Rating Fierce Deft Reckless Stark
Hit Rating Etched Glinting Veiled Pristine Accurate
Resiliance Rating Resplendent Lucent Durable Empowered
Defence Rating Champion's Resolute Glimmering Stalwart
Intellect Luminous

Meta Gems

Main article: Meta gems

While meta gems share in the (prefix) (gem name) naming scheme, there are many effect combinations, making a table by attributes impractical. See Meta gems for a full listing.


Both of these can be crafted into purple 'Purified' gems (Spell Power and Spirit)

Both of these can be crafted into prismatic Enchanted varieties that add a value to all stats.

Enchanting created Gems

These grant additional resistance to all realms of magic.

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