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This article is a guild information page for Army of the Horde of Aggramar Europe.

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Horde 32 Army of the Horde
Aoth Logo
Name Army of the Horde
Server Aggramar Europe
Leader Akastorm
Levels 1 to 80"to80" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.
Type PvE
Website Army of the Horde Army of the Horde @ Aggramar

Army Lore Edit

On a normal day in Azeroth, Thrall - Lord of the Orcs, Cairne Bloodhoof - Lord of the Tauren, Vol'Jin - Lord of the Trolls and Sylvanis - Lord of the Undead gathered together with a few of their most trusted advisers in the hall of the brave in Orgrimmar. The Army of the Horde now is strong, but they will want a good set of fighters to back up the warriors of the Horde or to protect the towns when the battles begin. However they do not want to upset the general population and start rumors of war, so they found a loyal and obedient shaman in training and gave him the task of finding warriors for the army. This army will be sent on small raids, it is the first wave of attack as of now. Due to the fact that this army isn't backed up by the main forces it was given a name to suit its nature 'Army of the Horde' an underground army meant to fight to the death, meant to die for the greater good, meant to serve the people without being known... To live in this army is to live without credit for your good deeds. They meet at a few different locations to stay hidden from the General Public as they do not want to upset the lesser groups. They are strong, they have a good system to work with and they are loyal to the Horde. 'For the horde' is the code of most warriors of the main army... But to this army they aren't words, it isn't a code..

Its the way of life.

Guild Officers Edit

Guild Master Council Edit

Guild Master


Assistant Guild Master's


Guild Commanders Edit


About the ArmyEdit

Created on the 24th December 2008, the Army of the Horde has established a casual raiding element in the game. We have the mechanics of a ‘hardcore’ raiding guild with the casual approach. Members are encouraged to read what we expect from them within the rules. Although we are a casual raiding guild, we expect boss kills and not wipes. No one likes wipes. In general we are a friendly and helpful guild. Our Guild Bank is set up to provide for raids and Main Spec Gear Enchants etc. As a member you will see end game content. At current we have cleared pre Ulduar 10 man content and Ulduar is on progression as a 10 man. Our total goal is to gather a handful of active players to help the guild achieve guild 25 man raids. We use DKP on progression raids, that way we feel that loot is distributed in a fair manner.

We are a progression-driven guild, built from the ground up for effective PVE raiding. We prefer to keep a tight roster of effective players. While a great attitude and an analytical mind are absolutely essential to raiding with us, outstanding in-raid performance, attentiveness, and skill are the primary attributes we look for in our raiders.

As players, we get frustrated with raiders who do not care about their classes as much as we do. Additionally, we are turned off by players who are prone to drama. For these reasons, we recruit only players who share our desire and ability for top performance and who honour our strict no-drama policy.

Current Recruitment NeedsEdit

AotH is recruiting smart players of any role or class. Players who submit an application will be considered. If you turn out to be an amazing player who performs at or above the level of our current raiders, regardless of seniority, you will get in every boss fight.


Our times can vary depending on events beyond our control. Please refer to the in game calendar for raids and times, however in general we do try and keep the following schedule:

Wednesday: 20:00 Server Time till no later than 00:00 Server Time
Thursday: 20:00 Server Time till no later than 00:00 Server Time
Monday: 20:00 Server Time till no later then 00:00 Server Time
Tuesday: 20:30 Server Time till no later than 00:00 Server Time

Additional Raids may be called on Friday (starting 22.30 Server Time) and Saturday (starting 20:00 Server Time). Any additional Raid will end no later than 00:00 Server Time.

Why YOU Should Join UsEdit

1. We recruit and maintain a roster of highly survivable players. 2. We never recruit second-string raiders -- we have no intention of benching great applicants. 3. We refine and update our strategies even after we've killed the boss. 4. We recognise merit and performance, not seniority or rank, in our roster. 5. We have no drama.

What We’re DoingEdit

As a guild we are still assisting in gearing up people in Naxxramas. We achieve this at the moment by taking half geared and half needing the gear. This way it ensures a clear and fun run, and yet is easy loot to the under-geared member. Ulduar is on progression and we take only the people who are able to sustain the damage in there. Our current progression is 9/14 in Ulduar and again, as soon as members have gained some gear from Ulduar, we will start the Coliseum Encounters.

What We’ve DoneEdit

Naxxramas 10 Cleared ToS 10 Cleared (Drakes down) VoA 10 Cleared EoE 10 Cleared

Join Us!Edit

Do you know your class inside and out? Do you have a great attitude? Can you meet our raid schedule and maintain top attendance? Do you want to be surrounded by players who care about their performance as much as you do? Please apply at

Useful Links to new/prospect members

Guild Rules

How to apply to the guild

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