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This article is a guild information page for Aszunelicious of Aszune Europe.

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Alliance 32 Aszunelicious
Name Aszunelicious
Server Aszune Europe
Leader Lazberg
Levels 1-85warning.png"-85" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.
Type PvE
Accounts 10+
Website [No site at this point. Aszunelicious] Aszunelicious @ Aszune

Aszunelicious is a level 5 guild and is a small community of pals who occasionally go in old raids and the like, sometimes even new things, as well! An instance we just love to do is Karazhan!

This guild was formed on Aszune. We recruit anyone who asks, and is sure. We tend to ask if you are sure. Just contact whoever is online, if anyone!


The guild was formed by Lazberg, Miizu and Snów a while ago and has been a small get-together place for a long time.

Guild rules

We have the same basic rules like most other social guilds.

  • Be yourself!
  • Don't be afraid to join the awkward conversations between the guild's higher ranks.
  • Respect others!


Just to make it a little more silly, we named our ranks after pastries.

Lazberg, The Cake 
Guild leader. He tends to go in the guild bank and sort things out occasionally, as well as greet new players and try not to scare them off.
Pomplamoose, Pie 
Guild officer. She pretty much does the same as Lazberg.

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