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This article is a guild information page for Belgian Guards of Honor of Shattered Hand Europe.

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Belgian Guards of Honor Official alliance mini-iconAlliance Dutch PvE Guild on Shattered Hand.


Belgian Guards of Honor is a rather large casual guild. Recruitment is open for all Belgian and Dutch people.


The guild was formed on 24th march 2005 by a rather small group of people, it expanded quickly and by guildmerges the guild became as big as it is now.

After we started raiding MC at a fair speed we started to do BWL rather late, so we were behind all other big guilds, we still managed to clear BWL, some bosses in AQ40 and 1 in Naxxramas. Then the expansion came. Also known is that we managed to give Thunderfury to a hunter, which other guilds (and guildmembers) disapproved of greatly, but most don't know the real story behind it.

In the expansion we manage to keep up with the big guilds of our server and have a bright future for our raiding team.

On 26/11/07 BGOH made a raid-alliance with The Dark Council, another Dutch guild.

On 02/04/08 the hardcore raiders created the international guild Practice Makes Purple together with the hardcore part of The Dark Council. BGOH still lives on as a more casual/social oriented guild.


Guildleader: Grouchy/Frombelgium

2nd Guildleader: Elrilia

Elites (officers): Wicky, Stoeipoes, Bishibosh/Tiutoi/Marzipan


PvE Progress

Zul Gurub - Cleared

AQ 20 - Cleared

Molten Core - Cleared

Black Wing Lair - Cleared

AQ 40 - Up to Twin Emperors

Naxxramas - Instructor Razuvious & Anub'Rekhan

Karazhan - Clear

23/02/07: Attumen the Huntsman & Moroes

24/02/07: Maiden of Virtue & Opera Event

25/02/07: The Curator

26/02/07: Chess Event

03/03/07: Shade of Aran

05/03/07: Terestian Illhoof

13/03/07: Netherspite

18/03/07: Prince Malchezaar

14/05/07: Nightbane

Gruul's Lair - Clear

16/05/07: High King Maulgar

21/05/07: Gruul the Dragonkiller

Magtheridon's Lair - Clear

30/07/07: Magtheridon

Tempest Keep - The Eye - 3/4

09/07/07: Void Reaver

24/08/07: Al'ar

27/08/07: High Astromancer Solarian

Serpentshrine Cavern - Clear

17/09/07: The Lurker Below

20/11/07: Hydross the Unstable

25/11/07: Leotheras the Blind

26/11/07: Fathom-Lord Karathress

26/11/07: Morogrim Tidewalker

21/01/08: Lady Vashj

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