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This article is a guild information page for Blue Recluse of Draenor US.

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Alliance 32 Blue Recluse
Name Blue Recluse
Server Draenor US
Leader Caralynn
Levels 85 (guild level 23)"(guildlevel23)" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.
Type PvE
Accounts 130+
Website Blue Recluse Blue Recluse @ Draenor

Blue Recluse is a casual guild on Draenor (US) server.

Blue Recluse is a somewhat tight-knit group of like-minded casual players. The guild has several social events a month, as well as grouping, some PvP, and opportunities for casual raiding. Blue Recluse does not actively recruit, but players who will comply to the Code of Ethics are encouraged to place an application.

Guild progress

Blue Recluse does not record its raid progression, as it does not raid often within its own boundaries. Raiding members raid with allied guilds, though currently, there is a one night a week raid within the guild.


Blue Recluse was formed by Fezzy more than three years ago, but the guild was mostly merged with the casual guild Black Lace. Around two years ago, Blue Recluse re-emerged and grew very quickly to become a rather large casual guild.

Weekly raid schedule

Blue Recluse holds a casual night of raid on Sunday nights.

Guild rules

  • Blue Recluse has a very specific Code of Ethics which can be found at the website;


Blue Recluse currently has a council of ten.

Caralynn, Master Blue Recluse 
Caralynn is a former officer of Blue Recluse and its fifth Guild Master. Iero's Partner. One of Blue Recluse's famous "Suicidal Mages".
Fezzy, His Fuzziness 
The first GM of Blue Recluse and its founder. Fezzy holds a second-in-command position and is the deputy GM of Blue Recluse if Caralynn is unavailable, though at the time being, is inactive.
Iero, Blue Recluse 
Officer of Blue Recluse. Caralynn's partner.
Kratosa, Blue Recluse 
The Fourth guildmaster of Blue Recluse, Kratosa is now an officer after passing on guild mastership to Caralynn.
Paksenarion, Blue Recluse 
Longtime member and an officer of Blue Recluse.
Vicvictorw, Blue Recluse 
Second most senior active member of Blue Recluse. Officer. One of Blue Recluse's famous "Suicidal Mages".
Alexista, Blue Recluse 
Officer of Blue Recluse, though currently inactive.
Phluff, Blue Recluse 
Officer of Blue Recluse, though currently inactive.
Rosaferrell, Blue Recluse 
Officer of Blue Recluse, though currently inactive. Formerly known as Atlaloire and the former guildmaster of SeeD.
Touph, Blue Recluse 
Officer of Blue Recluse and long standing member. Formerly known as Roaric.

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