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This article is a guild information page for Cvstodes of Jaedenar Europe.

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Alliance 32 Cvstodes
Name Cvstodes
Server Jaedenar Europe
Type PvP
Accounts 7
Website Cvstodes Cvstodes @ Jaedenar


The guild was rebuild in October 2010 on Jaedenar after a large group emigrated to Crushridge realm. It is an Italian guild but not close to foreign guilding. Actually the guild, strongly social or PvP oriented, is rebuilding his rank. The main objectives are try to stop the Horde power on Jaedenar killing them evrey time is possible :) and rebuild a medium guild to have 10 ppl Raid. To fill out an application go to []. For more information you can contact Zionlion, Earal, "Mcnob" or Goofo for English ppl. (everyone knows English very well)

Guild progress Edit


History Edit

This guild was originally created by a group of Italian players. After a short period, a large group of them emigrated on a PvE server, so the guild was disbanded. The "survivors" emigrated then in Prima Lux, but after the disband of this guild, the "core" of Cvstodes decided to rebuild the old guild in a different way. More friendly and familiar but with a strong PvP sense because Jaedenar is a strongly horde oriented server. It isn't easy for 5 people to create and manage a guild. The Cvstodes are hoping to find new players who wanted to share this new adventure with them.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Workin' in progress

Guild rules Edit

Workin' in progress

Recruiting Status Edit

At the moment we need every spec

Officers Edit

Zionlion, Guildmaster 
GM. Contact for administration and recruiting. Also available as Ricciotto sometimes
Earal, Officer 
Available for recruiting and explaining details.
Mcnob, Officer 
Available for recruiting.

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