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This article is a guild information page for Descendents of Death of Shattered Halls US.

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Horde 32 Descendents of Death
Guild tabard
|200px|Image of Descendents of Death]]
Name Descendents of Death
Server Shattered Halls US
Leader Zaron
Levels 1
Type PvE
Members 3 Descendents of Death @ Shattered Halls

Descendents of Death is a small friendly Horde guild that mainly focuses on doing dungeons and leveling. But does some PvP. We are currently looking for members to be able to run dungeons and low level raids and eventually once we get enough higher level members take a tour of the Alliance Capital cities and wipe all the Alliance Capital cities and anyone or anything that stands in our way.

This guild was formed on Shattered Halls on 3/25/12. It is currently dedicated towards low level dungeons and leveling, and we recruit mostly lower level characters that are willing to be friendly and cooperate and help to benefit the guild. To join or for more information you can contact Zaron, Xaelath, most times I will be on Zaron and it is best to mail or whisper him. If you mail me be sure to include: Level, Race, Class, Spec (talent tree) and professions with level for each of them. So if I was to mail myself it should look like: (insert greeting of some sort about you wanting to join my guild) I am a level 68 Undead Blood/Unholy Death Knight. My professions are First Aid (400) Blacksmithing (44) and Mining (1). (insert more talking if desired) Sincerely Zaron

If your character isnt any good that is ok we can get you how we need you to be so even if your mail said: 'level 10 goblin combat rouge with no lockpicking or any professions' I could still accept you and make you into: 'level 85 Goblin Rouge Combat with Lockpicking (525) Mining (525) Engineering (525) Fishing (525) Cooking (525) First Aid (525) Archeology (525)' so it doesnt matter how low level your character or professions are you can become good with some hard work and some help from my guild.

Guild progress

None at the moment.


This guild was originaly formed by Xælath. After the guild was formed he gave leadership to his main character Zaron.

Weekly raid schedule

Need more higher level characters for raids.

Guild rules

  • Must be friendly and respectful to other guild members
  • Must enjoy helping guild members and the guild as a whole
  • Must enjoy running dungeons


This is the current list of leaders, a short description of their role/how they are known in the guild, and their rank.

Zaron, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Contact for guild info or if you want to join
Xælath, Gm Alt 
Zaron's alt

Current Members

Average Member Lvl 38 This is a list of all current members, level, race, class, rank, and who their main character is if they have one in the guild

Zaron lvl 68 Undead Death Knight *Guildmaster*
Xaelath lvl 7 Troll Druid *Gm Alt* Zaron's alt

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