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Dragons is an Alliance guild on the medium PvP connected-realm, Maiev (Battlegroup Whirlwind). Even though they play on a PvP realm, Dragons has been known to raid casually each expansion in addition to the realm-popular PvPing. Dragons would be classified as a Casual/Family-friendly guild, as many of it's members play in this guild with their parents or children. Dragons has never been seen recruiting new members in trade chat, as it's members prefer to get to know people first before inviting them to their family.

The most well-known members of this guild are Rowénne, Wyntersong, Devman, and Hâck, as they all are known to be good at their roles (And disliked by Horde).

A few guilds have merged into Dragons, including Life Aggro, Rivendell, and Dedicated.

Dragons has been on Maiev since August of 2007.

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