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This article is a guild information page for Hope Is Kindled of Kul Tiras Europe.

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Alliance 32 Hope Is Kindled
Name Hope Is Kindled
Server Kul Tiras Europe
Leader Ashanara
Levels 70+warning.png"+" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.
Type PvE
Accounts 20+
Website Hope Is Kindled Hope Is Kindled @ Kul Tiras

Hope Is Kindled is a guild run by Ashanara and Begalas and is a mixed Social/Raiding guild - well, that's what we're wanting to make it with your help - and you can bring your skills, knowledge, enthusiasm and drive to make this a GOOD guild to the guild!

The minimum joining level is level 70 and we invite any class. We welcome both experienced and beginner players to the guild. If you are interested in joining us then often a simple in game whisper and chat is sufficient, and we only accept applications if you are aged 18 years or older.

Guild progress

We are planning to raid ToC10/25, ICC10/25 and later in the year will start on RS10.


"Hope Is Kindled" was created with a vision by its owner Ashanara who wants a guild that brings out the best out of people - being helpful, having fun, enjoying raids, questing, or whatever takes your fancy. The guild is not new as first it was run a pure bank guild for many months to accumulate goods and guild bank tabs that will help the guild become a success in the future. We aim to have people who have a similar vision as the leadership in the guild and welcome applications both in game as well on the website listed above.


All the officers are happy to talk to prospective new recruits and answer any relevant - and most irrelevant- questions.

Ashanara, Guild Mistress 
She is the drive and strength behind the guild. Any questions regarding the guild can be answered by her or by visiting the guild website.
Begalas, Guild Master 
He is the co-leader and assists Ashanara with the guild leading.

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